– Example of Ultimate Malaysian Bodohness

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In 2007 I published a guide on how to register a domain name. Back then it was difficult enough under – but now under it has gone to a completely new level of stupidity.

Today I was on the phone for 20 minutes with a customer service representative from just so I can change my DNS settings for a domain. Even with 10 years experience building websites and dealing with domain names, I feel completely lost on the website. Their website is totally screwed up and as un-user-friendly as any website can possibly be.

I gave up trying to figure it out by myself and called them up instead.

The customer service rep was kind and helpful, but at the same time she was also struggling to explain the complicated steps you need to take. The same process would have taken me 2 minutes with I can only imagine how their customer support reps would feel like trying to explain it to someone with not much experience. A high stress job for sure.

I really pity her. It’s not her fault that some idiot up the pecking order decided that the best way to encourage e-commerce in Malaysia is to make it almost impossible to register or modify a domain name by yourself. Probably some rich Datuk with an inflated ego and no real idea how this “Internet thing” works. is now a shining example of Malaysian stupidity and backwardness in anything related to Internet marketing. They really take “bodohness” to the extreme. Whoever is responsible for this should be shot.

I am never using a .my domain name again. I may buy it, but I most definitely will not use it.

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  • MrNerd says:

    Thanks for sharing dude..

    I never use for my personal weblog..
    But for my clients I’m usually use (emerge) to build website (it is good mixing sms system with the website even the trend of wordpress quite popular). Charged them for rm6k even the website only cost for rm2k.. 😉

    If you have a techie team I would recommend to register domain.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • zam says:

    pretty simple for me

  • After all the mega IT projects like cyberjaya and so on, our domain registry services is still so bad. It’s a breeze with godaddy or any other international ones. So sad.

  • Iklan says:

    My hats off to you, Sir.
    Without hesitation, your article on “Example of Ultimate Malaysian Bodohness” really touches the chords in the hearts of Malaysians and non-Malaysians too, those coming from the business circle as wells as the internet field.

    There are already countries such as Columbia (.co), Tuvalu (.Tv), Montenegro (.me) aggressively marketing their domain names in the world and I was dumb founded and ashamed because here we in Malaysia, we have a beautiful and highly marketable suffix i.e. .my that can easily fetch millions of dollars in sales worldwide, and we are making life miserable for prospects to own them. I believe there are better words to describe our local situation more than “stupidity” or “bodohness”, it is super-duper-ridiculous. Gobala, many share your agony and frustration. We see irony here when we are supposed to quickly achieve a developed nation in 9 years time. Our internet is too slow, too expensive, etc. Our government should include you and many other top notch internet gurus to feedback on e-commerce technology, else we are heading nowhere.

    Thanks for another great and very enlightening article.


  • maxwell says:

    Totally agree with you! it took me 2 hours to figure out how to login and change dns server! admin login and technical login what’s the difference??? why make things so complicated? need to click here and there to find login page. Somehow you will find the login page at FAQ’s page!!! This is really bodohness!!!

  • menj says:

    I don’t even bother changing the DNS myself, I just ask my .my domain reseller (in this case Exabytes) to do it for me :)

  • Cafe Melaka says:

    I do agree with this article VERY MUCH!
    i did bought some of the DOT MY domain names for investment sake.Yet,
    If we were to compare the EFFICIENCY of DR.MY system service,with some other companies,all i can
    say that it simply ———BDH to the CLIMAX——— ^^

  • Safwan Lukman says:

    hahahaha betul betul lawak. i miss your blogpost man (since busy working). phew : )

  • Aaren says:

    I 100% agree. I hope somebody complains to MYNIC berhad.
    even logging in is a stupit process.. have to put the contact code..

    and in fact… you can’t even add a nameserver.. you have to add a “code” first.. then if the code already exist.. use that code..
    its terrible..

  • Danny Foo says:

    What to do. Don’t know which person they got to do the system and some brilliant person may have mentioned to not reinvent the wheel or what not. Worst part, if you disabled images, you’ll never see the login link. LOL!

  • Ruziha Osman says:

    Yikes!! If you are lost, I don’t even dare to go there…. Hope they buck up very soon because sooner or later I will have to deal with one as well…
    Will look up for your update on this. Thank you for sharing & keep up the great job, Gobala!

  • neo says:

    best way is write a formal complaint using a right source – sure they will notice your complaint..they don’t see the “bodohness” if we don’t tell them. :0

  • alan tan says: is totally different with the normal .com registry. I’m sure sure everyone who got experience in dealing with normal .com registry will get lost when dealing with interface…It’s totally not user friendly & I avoid it at all cost.

  • NaS says:

    mynic steals my domains, and handed them over to a foreign company which claims trademark – thought they enforce Malaysian-only registrants. no refunds ;(

  • Adrian Lee says:

    Man, I feel for everyone who had to deal with this.
    Is this a Govt agency or connected and run by someone from the Govt?
    Sure sounds like their SOP.

  • lb1897 says:

    tat’s a bad experience. i had encoutered other bad experience too. Hope it can be improved.

  • John Chong says:

    Totally agreed. Same experience here. Bodoh government, bodoh contractor, ended up with a bodoh website.

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